Ark Tindal receives £10,000 funding from Restore the Music

The music charity Restore the Music has announced £40,000 of funding for musical instruments and equipment at three Ark schools.

Ark Kings Academy will receive £20,000, while Ark Tindal Primary Academy and Ark Globe Academy in south London will each receive £10,000.

The awards were made as part of the charity's latest funding round, which gave £180,000 in grants to 11 state schools in London, Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham, reaching 8,400 pupils with access to nearly 2,000 instruments.

The availability of quality music education in schools varies greatly across the UK, with private schools having a significantly higher budget for music than state schools.

Many state schools are reducing funding for music lessons due to budget constraints, and many do not offer instrumental or vocal lessons. The cost-of-living crisis has also made accessing music lessons outside school increasingly unaffordable.

Principal Hayley Francis said, "We are so grateful for this funding from Restore the Music as enrichment activities like music education are essential. Participating in musical activities can positively impact individuals and communities, including improving self-esteem, confidence, academic attainment, and social networks."

Polly Moore, CEO and Founder of Restore the Music, said, "I'm excited to announce the results of our latest funding round. Our vision is to redress the balance following the cuts to music education and put more music in the hands of schoolchildren."