Hear from Mr Reid, Year 2 teacher and NQT Lead at Ark Tindal Primary Academy about his time at the school:

"Ark is a really exciting place to work. I joined Ark Tindal 4 years ago as a trainee and have really enjoyed the time I've spent getting to know the children and the staff. 

The professional development opportunities that are available are fantastic. Not only are there many opportunities to enhance your teaching practice, there are also opportunities to develop your planning and use of data and assessment. Being part of a large academy chain is incredibly valuable as there are specialists for the subject areas both in and out of school. If you have any questions or need advice there is always someone to talk to whether in school, or externally.

As well as CPD to improve your classroom practice, there are also a multitude of opportunities to train you in leadership. I've had coaching, co-planning and facilitation training and I'm also about to start a Lead Practitioner course to ensure that I can get the best out of our staff.

The team feeling at Tindal is something that is often mentioned by people who come to the school. Everyone is always willing to help out and chip in. We do 'bring a dish' just before holidays so we all get to eat together at lunchtimes. Staff also regularly choose to eat lunch with the children in the lunch hall."