STOP PRESS: Santa crash lands at Ark Tindal!

Friday 18 December 2020

We had a very unexpected visitor this week!  There were reports of a loud bang from the playground after lunch and we were amazed to see what looked very much like a sleigh on the roof of the Learning Base!  Thank goodness we currently have scaffolding in place, as staff were then amazed to see none other than Father Christmas climbing down the ladder following a crash landing in his sleigh!  Santa told us that he had been on a secret practice run for Christmas Eve when a problem with the sleigh forced him to land.  Santa was so kind and delighted everyone by delivering some special presents to every class in the school, whilst waiting for his elves to come and help him repair the sleigh.  He was delighted with the warm welcome he received from Tindal and said he cannot wait until he can next come and see everyone in his Christmas grotto!