Spring One News Catch Up

A quick round up of news from all of our Year Groups from this term.

Nursery have been doing lots of activities about Chinese New year. We enjoyed our dragon dance across the playground.

Reception have been to the theatre this half term to see the snowman. They had a lovely time and were very well behaved. They especially enjoyed the part where the snowman flies!!

In Year One we have been exploring inside an Egyptian tomb and investigating mummification.

We have also been measuring the heights of every child and compiling the results into a class graph.

Year 2 have been fascinated by the learning taking place in their topic lessons about Ancient Egypt. They have learnt all about Egyptian mummies and what went on inside the pyramids. Ask them about mummification and they can give you a step by step explanation of how to turn someone into a mummy!

This term, Year 3 have been exploring the continent of Asia in Geography, focusing on Japan, India and China. We have also been learning to eat healthily in Science!

This half term Year 4 have been lucky enough to start their swimming lessons at Balsall Heath Swimming Baths. They have been doing some excellent writing about Chinese New Year topped off by a superb year group assembly which parents attended.

It's been an exciting start to the term in Year 5. We have been studying play scripts from around the world in our Literacy lessons and have been discovering amazing facts about the Earth, Sun and Moon in our Science. We have all also begun to learn the Ukulele and have visited the local library. Some children in Year 5 have also had the opportunity develop business entrepreneurial skills at through our Enabling Enterprise visits and had training on becoming singing leads in the 'Singing Playgrounds' project. The class have also elected an Eco councilor to help us become better at saving energy in school. We have also developed our team working skills during Enabling Enterprise to create our own radio programmes.