Celebrating Diversity at Ark Tindal

We are living in a society with people from all different cultures and backgrounds.  Birmingham is a multi cultural city, and it is therefore important that everybody is able to respect each others’ beliefs and values, regardless of religion, culture, and those who have no faith.

“The first school of any child is the lap of their parent”. 

With this in mind it is important to educate the parents/carers who can then subsequently teach their children, the morals and values in order to promote tolerance, and live harmoniously, as children today are the ambassadors of tomorrow.

Parent peer support groups meet every Tuesday mornings at Ark Tindal. We are proud to welcome at least fifteen to twenty parents each week all from diverse backgrounds.  The primary aim of the group is to promote diversity, break down barriers, and for parents and carers to develop a strong peer support group within the academy to tackle issues such as; Domestic Abuse, Internet Safety, Language Barriers, How to support their child, Cultural awareness, Living in Modern Britain harmoniously, respecting others and maintaining your own values, Life skills and Budgeting and managing one’s own well being.

A number of diverse courses have been set up this term to meet the needs of all parents and carers within Ark Tindal, such as: Counselling Taster, Hair and Beauty, Sugarcraft and Cake Decorating, Mehndi, Employability, Mentoring Taster, Triple ‘P’ Parenting, Basic Skills Support, Yoga, Foodnet and Healthy Eating.

Celebrating Diversity and Christmas at Ark Tindal Dec 2014 with parents and carers

Following a questionnaire designed by our student councillors about charity and linking charitable deeds to Christmas, this was circulated to pupils from year 3 onwards. The school councillors, parents, and parents mentors participated in a charity walk to Cannon Hill Park to raise money for the NSPCC,  This was supported by our Volunteer Parent Mentors, Behaviour officer,  and Parent Mentoring Scheme Co-ordinator within the academy.  The final amount raised will be confirmed in the new year. Volunteer parent mentors also baked and sold cup cakes, and  parents from different backgrounds baked a Christmas Cake which was placed on an auction, and this money was also donated to the NSPCC.

This was followed by a Christmas celebration, whereby all parents and carers within the academy were invited to attend a shared meal, and bring a dish of their own choice.  Parents and carers then delivered various speeches around what they learnt on the employability course about diversity in their own different languages.

Following the meal, everybody left to go to St John’s Catholic church where they were given a tour by Father Dominic.  This event raised an awareness about what the real meaning is behind Christmas, the birth of Baby Jesus and the significance.  Father Dominic ended by giving us a tour of the church and  spoke about confession, lighting of candles and midnight mass.

“Attending English classes and meeting different parents and carers at the parent peer support group has made me aware about different beliefs.  I really want to learn about British Culture and traditions, and the true meaning of Christmas.”  Parent at Ark Tindal

“The parent peer support groups have been the way forward to merge all communities and cultures into one and break down barriers. In the past I have seen parents from a distance, and now I know some of the parents. We have White British, Black, White Irish, Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, Somalian, and Lebonese parents and carers all associating and working well together.  Thank you Ark Tindal”.  Parent Mentor Ark Tindal.

Below are a combination of different ethnic groups who are speaking in different languages about diversity:  White British, Pakistani, Somalian, Lebonese, Indian and Arabic: