ARK Tindal Get Creative at RBS Birmingham

Our visit began with a bus journey from the school to the RBS office in Brindleyplace. The children were very excited as many of them had never visited a bank or an office before. Upon arrival we met our helpers Alison, Laura and Dominic. We had the chance to find out all about them by asking lots of questions: Which skills were important in their jobs? What did they want to be when they were little? How long have they worked to RBS? Laura also talked to us about the RBS company values and we learned that the customers were the most important for everyone working at RBS. Some of the RBS values were similar to our school values.

After this we got our brief which was to design a new office space for RBS. To help us do this we thought carefully about what an office needs and even went on a tour to see real RBS staff at work.

The fun really began when we started to brainstorm our ideas and focused on the RBS value of working as a team. The office space had to provide areas for working individually, working in a team, refreshments and spaces to relax. Ensuring there were great facilities for relaxing was top of our agenda with ideas such as beds with alarm clocks, a picture chair that we could write on and a book corner on the list. We continued to work well as a team when we drew up and decided upon our design.

“I have learned the RBS people work to serve their customers” Suhayb, 7 years old

Finally, came the really scary part…. Showing our designs to the judges. We felt quite nervous but practiced developing our confidence before we started. The judging was very tense and we waited patiently for their decision.

The ‘Tindal Bank Rules’ team stole the wining spot. These Year 2 students excelled at using their imagination and included a trampoline, a gym, and a slide which would refresh workers by plunging them into jelly and custard.