ARK Tindal Enjoy an Aspirational Visit to the Modern Campus of Newman University

On Wednesday, 2nd July, nineteen of our sharpest minds set out to Newman University, in order to gain experience of university life at friendly Newman University. Upon arrival we met our five fabulous student mentors and discussed with them the best and worst things about further education. The great facilities and extra time for learning came across as real highlights!

To familiarise ourselves with our new surroundings, Kevin Griffiths, Employer Engagement Coordinator for Newman University, gave us a guided tour. We were blown away by the size of the lecture theatre, the amazing equipment in the gym and the peace and quiet of the chapel. However it wasn’t all fun and games.

On return to our work base, in the amazing new state of the art library facilities, we set about our task for the day, to design a new workbag for students at the university. Ideas were thrown around like confetti, with features including jet packs, umbrellas and even a built-in bike. In our teams we worked together marvellously and managed to get our first designs ready by lunch. But would we be able to turn our ideas and designs into perfect presentations?

After a visit from Associate Dean, Dr.Paul Ryan, dressed in full academic robes we enjoyed a quick break for lunch in the airy atrium. Then we got straight back to work. In our teams we discussed our ideas and started working on our presentations. The power of three, rhetorical questions, wow words…however would we manage to persuade the judges? It was going to be a hard afternoon.

To finish with, every team gave a short presentation about their new product and what they had learnt. We used persuasive techniques and clever literacy devices to persuade the judges to choose our work bag idea. ‘Does your bag do anything you want it to?’ Leshauna, Year 5 student

We also explained why we should win, ‘We are simply the best team, because we respect and listen to each other’s ideas.’ Amaar, Year 5 student

Although all the groups were tremendous, Baggy Bags, consisting of Athar, Yahya, Hamza, Asma and Zubeda came out on top. They gave a fantastic presentation, explaining the key features, the skills they used and the team slogan, ‘You name it, we have it.’ Hamza, Year 5 student

We would all like to say a big thank you to Newman University, Sarah from EE and our student mentors, Louise, Lucy, Anastasia, Charlotte and Jess for all their help. We have had a fantastic day and can’t wait to come back again soon.

Newman University Student Volunteer Feedback
‘I thought it taught the students how to be themselves through their presentations, to let themselves shine through.’Newman University Student

‘I felt that every student’s confidence improved. It taught them that it’s ok to make mistakes because we can learn from them.’ Newman University Student

‘There was a good balance of time to design their bags and then time to learn how to present their ideas well.’ Newman University Student