Autumn Two News Catch Up

A quick round up of news from all of our Year Groups from this term.

This term, Nursery took part in fundraising for Children in Need. We helped to raise a large amount of money and we even had our faces painted!

Reception have been working hard to learn all the songs for the wriggly nativity.


Year 2 have been part of a sports club after school, they have had the opportunity to learn a variety of skills and have all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They all received medals and certificates due to their fantastic participation.

This term, Year 3 have been focusing on developing our reading and comprehension skills. Our reading abilities are progressing greatly and we have started to discuss and analyse a range of different texts. We have also been lucky enough to enjoy some coaching from sports coaches on Thursday afternoons during our Gymnastic lessons.

This has been an exciting term for Year 4 as we have begun our new Enabling Enterprise scheme. The project in Year 4 was to design a magazine advertising and reviewing books to save a failing publishing company. The children carried out the task with enthusiasm and as a result have produced fantastic teamwork and presentations. They have also written some engaging adverts and reviews to sell their book range.

This half term has been very busy for Year 5. As well as working hard to improve our Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science skills we have been able to have some other fantastic experiences. This half term Year 5 have had the opportunity to go swimming at the local baths and build their confidence in the water. We have all also begun to learn the Ukulele and have visited the local library. Some children in Year 5 have also had the opportunity to take part in a Fizzical exercise programme, visit Oxford university, develop business entrepreneurial skills at IBM in Warwick and had training on becoming singing leads in the 'Singing Playgrounds' project. The class have also elected an Eco councillor to help us become better at saving energy in school. We have also developed our team working skills during Enabling Enterprise to create some interesting board games. 

Some Year 6 children took part in a workshop at IBM this term, here is an extract from the report which can be read in full here.

Working together in mixed groups of Year 5 and 6, these students revealed how well they were able to get on with people they don’t normally work with, and embrace the experience of working alongside professionals.

Year 5 have been making their own board games in the Number Games project in school, while Year 6 have been creating a school publication with Making News. Evidently they have already been building their skills through working together on these projects; the day at IBM was a chance for them to develop them in a new, professional environment.