Hear from our teachers

Hear from Kate, a year 1 teacher and Data Assessment lead at Ark Tindal Primary Academy about her time at the school

"I really like being a part of the Ark network at Ark Tindal. It means there’s always someone you can call to ask for advice and support. You can visit other schools and have a look at good practice; there are specialists in every subject; things move a lot more quickly.

We all believe that our children can achieve. Having high expectations for the children means that I believe they are capable of doing really well.  They benefit from us believing that they can achieve and that they deserve a bright future. Once they start to believe it too, they rise to meet those standards. It’s about improving their life chances and having that belief.

The CPD here is unreal! I’m doing the NPQSL training. I’ve had ‘Train the Trainer’, Coaching for Excellence, and I’m trained to be an expert in both subjects and leadership. It’s very rich, there’s always something to learn.

Success is mentioned in our weekly briefings and we have a real culture of praise among staff. We’re a big family and we look after each other. We have free tea and coffee and milk in the staffroom. We eat our school lunches with the children, and we also have staff lunches for birthdays and special occasions.We call ourselves ‘Team Tindal’. 

Working in any school has its challenges, but I really believe in the job we do here at Ark Tindal. It has such an impact on these children and their lives."