Reminder: Half Term holiday is from the 18th - 22nd February

 We look forward to seeing everyone back in school on the 25th February at 8:40am.

The Life Caravan Visits Tindal

On Thursday morning 5 Derby visited the Life Caravan. Here we learnt all about the importance of being assertive.


We would like to share some top tips with you to practise at home.


Being assertive means – being confident in your actions or what you say but without being aggressive.


How to be assertive:

Stand up straight

Look the person in the eye

State how you feel (I feel sad/ annoyed/ cross/ frustrated)

Describe the action (when you don’t let me play your game/ tap my arm)

Say why (because it is annoying and stops me from concentrating)


Altogether it would sound like this: I feel cross when you tap my arm because I cannot concentrate.