It's Ambitions Week at Ark Tindal!

Today we are welcoming an author and journalist, a hospital Ward Manager and a member of the Armed Forces to talk with the children.  Have a talk with your child this week about who they met and what career they aspire to.

Tindal at BT

Year 2 and 3 students from ARK Tindal Primary School in Birmingham have been a partner primary school with Enabling Enterprise for the past couple of years and you could really see that the students were confident with their challenge skills. The Year 2 and 3 students have most recently been creating toys out of recycled materials and setting up their own cafés in school. With their expertise in skills like listening carefully and sharing ideas they were really able to apply them to a new and exciting context of a real life business.

Multinational telecommunication company, BT, hosted the event with IT apprentices assisting students to understand how BT supports the services they offer and how they develop their teamwork and communication skills.

Before students could begin their engineering they took a tour and explored the world of BT and the importance of communications. Mike who is a professional from BT, took the students to learn about how the offices at BT and were allowed to interview some professionals who were working at their desks. Students also learnt about fibre optics and the students tried to guess which wires were connected to their phones at home. The students were then challenged to design and create bridges in order to improve communication between the UK and the Isle of Sheppey. They had to do this using only newspaper, sellotape and colouring pencils and all in just 30 minutes.

The bridges designed by the students were out of this world; they had clearly created structures that would, if built, become real landmarks. We had flags, two bridges in one, turrets and all sorts of additions to make their bridges stand out. Above all however, we had bridges that were strong enough to hold a mobile phone, tall enough to tower above the tables and beautiful enough to make them memorable. It is amazing what Year 2 and 3 students from ARK Tindal can do with a few newspapers, a roll of sellotape and a lot of imagination!

“They have really enjoyed the day and it was great to see them work together as a team.” – Teacher, ARK Tindal Primary School
“The students designed some excellent bridges and really listened to what was asked of them in the brief.” – Volunteer, BT

Thanks to BT for such a great trip day, and to ARK Tindal for coming along.