National Offer Day for Reception places

Congratulations to everyone who has received an offer of a Reception place with us for this September - we are looking forward to welcoming our new pupils to Ark Tindal!

We are currently closed for the Easter holidays, but will reopen on Monday 29th April.  If you would like to accept your child's place here and have received an offer letter with an acceptance slip to return to us, please bring it in to the Academy by Tuesday 30th April.  Please contact the Office on 0121 464 3049 if you have any queries. 

Tindal at Ashram Moseley

Working with volunteers from AshramMoseley, the students were able to explore the role of risk and benefit in finance and then apply decision making skills to make the best choices to support the creation of their own new business. Applying their Maths skills, using their imaginations and problem solving came to the fore with much enjoyment and excitement along the way.

Emma Wright, Project Manager at AshramMoseley, welcomed the students and took great care in explaining the core purpose of the organisation. This provided the 9 and 10 year olds with details of the kinds of jobs the volunteers do and the skills required. They then demonstrated that they too would make great members of the AshramMoseley team – listening carefully, sharing ideas and aiming high to do the best job, so that by the time their business reports had been prepared, practiced and presented, the judges had a very difficult decision. Kate Tilley, Teacher from Ark Tindal told the children how pleased and proud she was of their achievements, explaining that their hard work in their lesson time projects was really paying off.

“Seeing a child who in the classroom is reticent grow in confidence and emerge as a natural leader is just brilliant. The volunteers have been great – they have really encouraged all of the children. “Teacher, Ark Tindal Primary School
“I would definitely volunteer again – it’s been lots of fun and it has really made me think about the way in which I communicate with our clients day in day out.” – Volunteer, AshramMoseley
“Now I know what a housing association like AshramMoseley does, I think I’d really like to work here. To help people sort out their money and have a home to live in would be a really good job. “Student, Ark Tindal Primary School

Thanks to the volunteers from AshramMoseley for such a great trip day, and to Ark Tindal Primary School for coming along.