National Offer Day for Reception places

Congratulations to everyone who has received an offer of a Reception place with us for this September - we are looking forward to welcoming our new pupils to Ark Tindal!

We are currently closed for the Easter holidays, but will reopen on Monday 29th April.  If you would like to accept your child's place here and have received an offer letter with an acceptance slip to return to us, please bring it in to the Academy by Tuesday 30th April.  Please contact the Office on 0121 464 3049 if you have any queries. 

Help needed! We are looking for items to build a mud kitchen with!

We are looking for items to build a mud kitchen with.

Do you have any unwanted:

Pots and pans, funnels, bakeware, cake tins

Kitchen utensils of any sort

Jelly moulds, ice cube trays, washing up bowls

Old cupboard, sink,


Planks of wood, wooden logs and stumps

All items need to be clean and well maintained please check for breaks and sharp edges.