ARK Tindal Get Creative with Greetings Cards

Worried about finding a unique design for your Christmas or birthday cards this year? Panic not! The students at Ark Tindal spent the day on Friday working as greetings card companies to design, produce and sell their very own range of cards for many different occasions.

For the first challenge of the day, students had to come up with a company name that would make them stand out and choose the theme for their greetings card range. In Year 5, students came up with alliterative and catchy team names such as “Courageous Cards” chosen because “we are brave and never give up!” The “Tindal Tigers” decided to make birthday cards because “everyone in the world has a birthday so this means we can sell lots of cards.”

With a theme chosen, teams had to design their greetings cards with every member of the team producing an individual design before the team as a whole decided on their favourite final card. When students in Year 4 were asked what they had found most difficult so far “Bombastic Sunshine Cards” said, “letting everyone do a bit of everything” while “Fantastic Fives” thought “it was difficult to choose the ideas, so we voted”.

Next, teams had to shop for their resources using their $60 budget. Pupils in Year 4 thought about different ways to make their $60 go further, one team, “Fabulous Four” spent more on coloured card ($10 a sheet) but agreed to make it go further by making smaller cards. This was clearly putting into practice what they have been learning on their Trash to Treasure lesson time project this term which was brilliant.

With designs chosen and resources bought, the greetings card companies were ready to start their production line. One visitor to Ark Tindal, Anita Wheeler, from Teach First, was really impressed with the engagement of the two Year 1 classes in the production of an array of colourful cards. One team made an excellent range of Easter cards with colourful egg designs. For the manufacturing of the cards it was essential that teams worked together to produce as many high-quality cards as they could. One girl in Year 6 said, “We really enjoyed working as a team and making cards together. We made a factory!”

The final part of the day saw the students at Ark Tindal practising and performing their business pitches before reflecting on what they had learned throughout the day. One of the teachers was really impressed with a girl who was usually very shy but in her reflection of the whole day said, “Today I have learnt how to be confident and speak in front of the class.” A boy in Year 2 said that “the challenge skill we used the most today was aiming high” and this was certainly evident in their high-quality Valentine’s Day cards. A Year 5 boy reflected that “I’m really pleased I learnt how to solve problems, especially when Miss tried to short change us!”

A huge well done to all the students and teachers at Ark Tindal for a very successful and entrepreneurial day!