National Offer Day for Reception places

Congratulations to everyone who has received an offer of a Reception place with us for this September - we are looking forward to welcoming our new pupils to Ark Tindal!

We are currently closed for the Easter holidays, but will reopen on Monday 29th April.  If you would like to accept your child's place here and have received an offer letter with an acceptance slip to return to us, please bring it in to the Academy by Tuesday 30th April.  Please contact the Office on 0121 464 3049 if you have any queries. 

Roll up, roll up and learn about materials!

Fire breathing photo

Year 5 have been learning about materials and their properties and were challenged with discovering the best material to use when making a costume for a circus performer, taking into account necessary qualities such as flexibility, breathability and flammability of materials.  Mr Reid used his skills as a fire eater and fire breather to demonstrate the flammability of different materials and liquids and the information Year 5 discovered was put into their science display.

We stress that Mr Reid (pictured above) is fully trained and certified to work with the materials used in the demonstration - under no circumstances should anyone who is not trained attempt to copy his display or play with fire or flames.