By the end of Key Stage Two we want every pupil at Ark Tindal Primary Academy to be ready to meet the academic and social demands of secondary education. To achieve this, we prioritise six key principles:

1. High expectations

We set exceptionally high expectations for all our pupils which we reinforce constantly as they go through school. We believe every child can realise their potential with the right teaching and support.

2. Exemplary behaviour

Ark Tindal is characterised by a respectful and orderly environment, where teachers can focus on teaching and pupils on learning. We aim for uninterrupted teaching and learning to make exceptional achievement possible.

3. Excellent teaching

Nothing is more important than excellent teaching, underpinned by high quality professional development. We make intelligent and appropriate use of data to improve teaching and the curriculum and to ensure that no child is left behind. We draw on evidence and experience of the best ways to achieve excellent outcomes for all children.

4. More time for learning

Our longer school day provides more time to embed core subjects and to extend the curriculum through enrichment. Our curriculum is planned to provide pathways from any level at entry to high achievement at exit.

5. Depth before breadth

A strong command of English and mathematics is a vital foundation for the whole curriculum. We prioritise depth before breadth, so that all pupils secure firm foundations in these core subjects as early as possible.

6. Small schools

Ark Tindal Primary Academy is a small school which means every pupil knows and is known well by every teacher within their small school. Positive relationships between pupils reinforce a culture of excellent teacher.

Our Vision

We believe in the potential of every child at Ark Tindal Primary Academy and will strive to create a school which provides each pupil with the best possible start in life and the motivation to achieve academic excellence. We aspire to prepare all our children for university or career of their choice and to be enthused to continue learning.

Our school pledge

Good, better, best, I will never rest.

Our values – the heart of school life

  • Ambition - We have dreams and aspirations for the future and are determined to achieve them
  • Resilience - We never give up, even when we find it difficult.  We push ourselves to be the very best.
  • Respect - We treat others as we want to be treated.  We always choose honesty.

Our Core Purpose

To demonstrate belief in the potential of all students to develop the skills and character necessary for a place at university or the career of their choice and subsequent success in life.

To embrace shared accountability for the achievements of the students and the performance of the school.

To uphold all school policies and follow all agreed procedures with consistency and care.

To have zero tolerance of any form of student behaviour that runs counter to the school’s stated aims and objectives: for example, disrespect, rudeness, bullying, dangerous/anti-social/loud behaviour, failure to bring basic equipment or complete independent learning tasks, possession of banned items, lateness.